Star Wars Darth Vader 16GB USB Flash Drive

Darth Vader – 8/16 GB USB Flash Drive 2.0

Hope, threat and redemption. Darth Vader is the undisputed protagonist of the whole saga, the epitome of double-sided Force. The seductive Dark Side turns Anakyn Skywalker, Luke and Princess Leila’s father, into a controversial and dangerous character. Only at the moment of his death he will be able to restore the balance with the Force and to become one with it, fulfilling the ancient prophecy.


  • Official Licensing Star Wars Funny USB Flash Drive Memory Stick. Award winning design makes the right impression with its distinct licensing design. Makes it a great gift idea.
  • Pendrive compact design with cap saver for ultra portability. Interface Specification Compliance – USB 2.0. Practical – cap protects the USB plug. Tribe USB Sticks are the ultimate in portable data storage.
  • Transfer and share photos, videos, songs and other files between computers with ease. Take all of your data to your home, office, school and anywhere you travel. External Devices & Data Storage are one of the core components of any computing device.
  • USB gadget, store more with a capacity of 16 GB, support Apple Macbook iOS, Windows PC and Linux operating systems etc.